Craft Exhibitor Application

Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019 12pm-6pm
Location: Sitel Business Center (East side) on Outlet Drive (across from Cotton Eyed Joe’s)
Entry Fee: $25 (due with application/non-refundable)***

***Once notified of acceptance, no additional booth fee is due


No booth fee is due once applicant has paid the entry fee and been notified of acceptance. Subletting of space is not permitted except with permission of the host. LIMITED spaces available! Due to limited electricity, food vendors will have first priority for use. Exhibitors may purchase tickets for food/beverage at the event.

Site Info

Exhibitors are assured a 10 foot by 10 foot site. Anyone needing frontage exceeding 10 ft must pay entry fee for 2 site spaces. The site is in a paved parking area with minimal sloping but we cannot guarantee all sites will be perfectly level. Exhibitors will be around the perimeter of and under a large MAIN tent (attendee seating will be in center); you do not need to provide a canopy. You DO need to provide TABLE(S), CHAIRS, DISPLAY Stands/Walls, etc. Display must not interfere with neighboring exhibitors. Sites will be marked with your number.

Set Up

We request all vendors make arrangements to be checked in AND have their display setup in place by Sunday, 10am, to eliminate any confusion concerning your site/location. Signs will be posted directing you to check in. All vehicles must be out of the exhibitor area by 11:30am Sunday.

Be on site as early as 8am Sunday to organize your materials and allow parking time. Unload crafts as quickly as possible and move your vehicle to the parking area before arranging your exhibit. Only 1 vehicle per site is allowed to unload at a time to minimize congestion. If you have additional vehicles to unload, please unload one completely, then remove it to the parking area before bringing the next vehicle in. Site number must be displayed in your vehicle window when parked.

General Info

With NO EXCEPTION, vehicles will not be allowed to enter and must be clear of the exhibit areas by 11:30am Sunday. Vehicles may not re-enter exhibit area until after 6:30pm Sunday.

With NO EXCEPTION, exhibits must remain in place until the close of the event day. NO EARLY TEARDOWNS PERMITTED. The event will go on regardless of weather. Come prepared in case of bad weather.

ALL EXHIBIT ITEMS MUST BE HANDCRAFTED OR UNIQUELY ENHANCED BY THE EXHIBITOR. Commercially produced components can be incorporated into the merchandise for sale, however it must be enhanced, embellished and/or decorated with original handicrafts created by the exhibitor. Items purchased for resale are not permitted. (Ex: A basket handmade in South America and purchased by the exhibitor for resale is not permitted UNLESS it is enhanced by the crafter in some way) Live animals or plants are unacceptable (allowances are possible in special circumstances such as hand-raised herbs or specialty decorative plants). No food items may be offered without prior permission of Q, Crafts & Brew committee and may be subject to health dept. inspection fees.

Exhibitors are prohibited from using amplifiers or speakers during event hours.

Demonstrating your craft IS encouraged! It enhances the event atmosphere and increases your sales!

Though police will be provided during the event on Sunday, the event hosts are not responsible for exhibits/merchandise.

Children and pets welcome but must be under supervision at all times. Pets must be confined by leash or in a manner so they are not a nuisance to shoppers or neighboring exhibitors. Please clean up after your pet! These rules applies to all areas of the event and surrounding as the event is bordered by businesses. Bicycles, in-line skates, skateboards and similar apparatus are prohibited in the event area and on access pathways during event. This is for everyone’s safety.

Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce (FWKCC), Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding (STAR), Abuelo’s and staff and their assigned representatives shall have the power to enforce the regulations established herein and may, from time to time, upon proper notice to the exhibitor, establish additional rules and regulations for the management and control of the event. Commercial type signs announcing SALE, CLOSEOUT, CLEARANCE, CREDIT CARD INFORMATION, etc. are prohibited.

The hosts are not liable for damages to your exhibits, nor are they liable for personal injury.

Camping/RV Information

There is no space at the event site for campers or hookups. We are happy to provide you with info on area camping/RV facilities info. Call 865-675-7057.


We will attempt to accommodate as many vehicles as possible in the nearest areas we designate for exhibitor parking. Only one vehicle per exhibitor will be allowed to use these areas. Additional vehicles will have to park further from the site. If you or a worker will need special transportation to a vehicle, please let us know ASAP or see a parking attendant on the day of the event.

Limited handicapped parking is available for attendees and exhibitors. Any vehicle occupying a handicapped space and not displaying official handicapped signage will be towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles in approved exhibitor parking areas failing to display their site numbers are subject to removal at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Hospitality & Package Pickup

The event committee/VOLUNTEERS will be stationed in a central location for your convenience and to assist attendees. We will also provide a small package holding area there for bulky items to be held for pickup by your buyers. Volunteers will help pick up only HEAVY or OVERSIZED purchases from the vendor and take them to this area where the buyer can load them into their car before departing. Please tell customers to carry their smaller items to this area where we are happy to hold them.


Event volunteers will be easy to identify with coordinated shirts/aprons and will circulate the event all day. Feel free to grab one of us with your question/issue.


No matter how wonderful the day is, we know all will be anxious to pack up and get home! No vehicles of any kind will be allowed to enter/move until all attendees have exited the exhibitor area. Use the time to begin packing up your booth. At approximately 6:30pm we will begin letting vehicles in to load. Please be patient as we control traffic to ensure all goes smoothly.

  • This will be used for promotions; include the media you are working in such as painting, ceramics, jewelry, wood carving, etc.
  • Please upload three PHOTO EXAMPLES of your work.
  • Price: $25.00